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The Thing About Life

The Thing about life

is that at the end of it,

we always wish there

had been more.


More time.

More hugs.

More kisses.

More laughs.

More memories.

More deep conversations.

More silliness and playfulness.

More opportunities for connection.

More awareness of how fast

time can move.

More appreciation for how much

the small things matter.

More insight into how

many things don't

actually matter at all.

More life.



Because when it's time

to say goodbye,

we are never truly ready.


So maybe today

is a good day to try harder

to shake off the things

that don't matter.

Focus your energy,

your time, your attention, and

your heart on the things that

truly matter the most.


Live the life

you have now and

squeeze more out of it.


Because at the end of it,

will always wish there

had been more.

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