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Direct Cremations

Updated: 6 days ago

Direct cremations are on the increase for a number of reasons.

For some families this is the best or necessary choice at the end of a loved ones life, however, there is a lack of understanding, options and rights when it comes to Direct Cremations.


Media advertising does not help the matter. 



·      Companies advertising that they offer a cheaper service than Funeral Directors is not true.  Funeral Directors offer Direct Cremation services, often competitively.


·      Pure Cremation is not a service, it is a company.  There is no such thing as a ‘Pure Cremation.’


·      Online companies listing they have a Funeral Director in every town in the U.K.

              Look carefully at where they have Crematoria some only have access to a few which   

              means your loved one may not be cremated locally.


·      Online ‘Direct Service’ companies do not have Funeral Homes.  Your loved one may remain in the hospital morgue or be kept at a purpose built body storage facility somewhere in the U.K. until the day of the cremation.


So What Is A Direct Cremation?


·      It is the cheapest service available for cremation.

·      It can usually be done fairly quickly.

·      In some cases they can be attended by a next of kin but usually not.

·      If you use the service of a Funeral Director, your loved one will receive the same care as anyone else, so will you. The Funeral Arranger will be there to guide you and advise you.

·      You won’t get to choose the date and time but you will be advised on which day the cremation will take place.

·      Visiting your loved one at the Funeral Home may not be possible.


Your loved one deserves to be collected from the Coroners or Hospital Morgue as quickly as possible.

They deserve to be cleaned and prepared for in a dignified manner.

YOU deserve assistance and guidance, you are grieving whatever option you choose.


Your Options When Choosing Direct Cremation


Many people who have chosen to have their family member cremated using a Direct Cremation service later regret this choice because they felt they never said “goodbye” properly, they don’t have closure on that chapter of their life, they didn’t celebrate the person’s life and share in memories with others.

It needn’t be like this because you can have a Memorial Ceremony, before or after the cremation takes place. 


Memorial Ceremonies


A Memorial Ceremony may happen before cremation or it may happen afterwards with the ashes present.


A Memorial Ceremony can take place anywhere, at a Sports Club, School Hall, Village Hall, Pub, Hotel, your home, or even a private chapel (some Funeral Director’s have this facility), it could be in an outdoor space and it can look like anything you want it to, or in a way that is befitting to the deceased.  Maybe they loved arts and crafts, had a favourite pub where they drank or ate regularly, a member of a sports team, liked quizzes.  A Celebrant will create a bespoke celebration of their life.


A Memorial Ceremony in a place of your choosing is personal.

There are no time restraints.

If your guests want to sit there with a drink, that is fine.

In fact, the more relaxed people feel, the more of a ‘celebration of life’ it is.



·      A direct Cremation can be organised through your local Funeral Director

·      A Direct Cremation can be arranged quicker than should the crematorium chapel also be required.

·      A Direct Cremation + a Memorial Ceremony is cheaper than a cremation with 30 minute chapel time.

·      There are no limitations for a Memorial Ceremony – time, activities, location (with owners prior permission), ………

·      The Funeral Arranger will advise you and take care of your loved one and the Celebrant will design a befitting ‘Celebration of Life’ Memorial ceremony for you.



If you would like more information contact your local Funeral Director or a local Celebrant or contact me on 07799 642 440 or email:

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