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Celebration of Life Ceremony Following a Direct Cremation

With the increase in Direct Cremations, for various reasons, family and friends do not receive the closure they need to help with their grief.

A 'Celebration of life’ ceremony can offer a lot of comfort and support.  I have now done a few such ceremonies and receive very positive feedback from the family such as the one below.  

The deceased gentleman, their Father had become estranged over the last 20 years.  

Our initial meeting was unexpectedly, very thought provoking for the family, suddenly the realisation that Dad had been suffering from PTSD following the Clapham rail disaster.  The talking about Dad and the ceremony we had, following choosing a Direct Cremation because they didn’t know how to say “goodbye,” left them feeling love for and from their Dad, which they thought they had lost.


Dear Karen


Thank you so much for the script you put together and your wonderful support and help to organise a really special memorial to our Dad. 


We all agreed that having your kindness and professional experience to shape and lead the memorial on the day has helped us to deal with our loss a lot. 

We have had several messages back from relatives saying how well arranged and what a positive and uplifting experience the day was. Thank you again.


If you choose or have had a Direct Cremation for a loved one and would like to celebrate their life, this can be done at a venue of your choosing, popular choices being a pub or hotel but it could be a woodland, a sports venue, your home, ……….

There are no time constraints.

Activities can be included; crafts, a quiz, ….. to personalise the ceremony and for an uplifting and fun element.  All items required I provide at no additional cost.

I help with room layout, to ensure a relaxed environment and I provide music.


For more information, please contact me

Tel: 07799 642440

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