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Celebrants Come Together

Last weekend was an amazing weekend of Independent Celebrants who are member of

‘Association Of Independent Celebrants A.O.I.C., the only trade association for celebrants, coming together for learning, support and friendship.

Many people in the same industry consider others to be their competitors but a more positive approach is to consider one another colleagues and friends. It can be a lonely job as we work independently, we are individuals and although we work with Funeral Directors and their teams or Wedding venues and their teams, we are not their employees.

For those of us working in the funeral industry, we give of ourselves, not only our skills, but our emotions and support, to help people through a very difficult time in their lives when they lose a loved one.

Having colleagues who understand our work and are able to offer one another support when needed, is essential.

Last weekend we met in Stratford Upon Avon. We had an SEO talk on Friday afternoon. We were up bright and early for an 8.30am A.G.M and the days seminars began at 10am. There was 90 minutes spare to get ready for the evenings dinner and entertainment, where we could enjoy each another’s company.

I cannot describe how much of a warm glow I left with. Acquaintances became friends. People I had only previously met on Zoom meetings I met in person. I feel driven to update my website and social media presence (I am not techy!). I feel privileged to have spent the weekend with some of the countries most amazing people, who do what they do because of love, commitment and passion, not rewarded with an equal salary but rewarded with the knowledge they are making a difference to the lives of others.

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