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Can't afford to get married? Yes, you can.

Covid put a dampers on wedding ceremonies for two years, but for those that went ahead with the smaller more intimate ceremony, they didn’t look back.

Some have, at a later date, gone ahead with the ceremony of their dreams, celebrating with family and friends their marriage, which in many cases took place 18 months previously. For those couples I have worked with this year, without exception they valued that special intimate day as well as their grander celebratory day.

There are couples who look at the beautiful wedding venues, of which there are many to choose from, all providing the perfect environment for romance, celebration and those ‘perfect photos,’ but just can’t afford the price. They look at alternative venues, maybe a village hall, an unlicenced golf club or even a family member’s garden. Mum makes the wedding cake and Aunty helps with the flowers and the bridesmaids chip in with the decorations, these are often referred to amongst the friendship groups as ‘Pinterest Weddings.’

Getting married is about your love for one another, your commitment to each other and shouting out to your family and friends, “We can’t live without each other.” Wherever you choose to do this, it is the perfect wedding for you. All it takes is a Celebrant to write and officiate your perfect day and a trip beforehand (or after) to the Registrar’s office to sign the legal paperwork. Yes, this is being reviewed by the Wedding Law Commission but we are still probably a couple of years away.

What is your budget? Call me and let’s discuss options.

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