Renewal of Vows

Perhaps you've reached a big milestone in your marriage, or simply want to reaffirm the strength of your vows. Maybe you'd like to re-declare your love for one another or celebrate your marriage again now your family has expanded and grandchildren can be involved. 


No matter the reason, a Vow Renewal is the perfect way to honour your ongoing commitment to one another. 


This can be a small intimate ceremony with your nearest and dearest or as lavish as the day you got married.


Remember it's your ceremony, your way!


Commitment Ceremonies 

Historically, commitment ceremonies were used by couples who could not legally get married for whatever reason. Today a commitment ceremony serves many purposes:


An alternative or an addition to an engagement – a way to pledge your commitment to one another until you marry.


It suits couples who are in a relationship where they cannot or do not want to, legally marry.


A married couple, or couple who have been co-habiting, who want to renew their vows or celebrate a special anniversary.


A commitment ceremony or vow renewal, holds no legal status and therefore, can be celebrated anyway and anywhere.

You can exchange rings, other jewellery or items or include a handfasting, along with promises to one another.  

We still do, a true love story never ends!


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